Thorbjørnrud Hotel


Milk from our own farm

All the milk we use in our production comes from Øvre Kjekshus farm here at Hadeland. This is the home of Olav Lie-Nilsen and 500 happy animals, of which 50 are dairy cows and 160 are dairy sheep.

Olav practices grazing as much as possible. Outlying pasture is top notch for the animals and important in preserving the cultural landscape that surrounds us. Through outlying grazing, we bind CO2, safeguard biological diversity and contribute to satisfaction and enjoyment of most people, both residents and visitors to the village. Only four-legged animals with several stomachs are able to transform the grass that grows in the uncultivated areas into human food. Personally, we think it is pure magic that our cheeses are in reality a refined version of the same green grass we are surrounded by here at Hadeland.

We are fortunate to be so closely connected to our raw materials. Together with Olav, we can make long-term plans for production and work out the milk quality we want. We are also fortunate to have access to milk from sheep to the cheese factory. It gives us a great opportunity to pick out flavors with a bit more kick than cow's milk normally has, and to produce more of our cheeses in two different variants.

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