Thorbjørnrud Hotel

Outlets & catering


Our cheeses are sold in the Thorbjørnrud hotel shop, at the Farmer's Market and in some delicatessen stores in Oslo and our own local area. Raclette and Cheddar are also available in some Meny stores around the country. If you cannot find them, just ask the staff and maybe they will order our cheese.

Kolibri Kolonial, Gutta på Haugen, Jacobs Majorstua, Jacobs på Holtet, Meny Colosseum, Meny Ringnes park, Meny CC vest, Meny Fornebu, Meny Nordstrand, Meny Skøyen, Meny Bjølsen, Meny Røa, Meny Bryn

Meny Drøbak City, Meny Union Brygge (Drammen), Meny Skedsmosenteret, Meny Bekkestua, Meny Jar, Meny Sandvika Storsenter, Meny Osloveien (Hønefoss), Storgata 9 (Jevnaker), Hadeland Landhandel (Gran), Meny Gystadmarka

Snikgjest Gårdsutsalg (Østfold)

Meny Sletten


Would you like to order a delicious cheese platter from the cheese factory? We are happy to help you!

We can supplement with the kitchen's incredible nut bread and other accompaniments if desired, and we can also combine the cheese with the hotel's homemade cured meats. Get in touch and we will agree on content and scope!

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