Thorbjørnrud Hotel

The food hotel Thorbjørnrud

The food hotel Thorbjørnrud

There are not many hotels like Thorbjørnrud. Imagine a hotel restaurant that gets all the meat they need from their own farm. A hotel where the chefs pick vegetables, berries and herbs from their own garden and can get as much cheese as they want from the hotel's own cheese factory. A hotel where the hotel manager brews beer for his guests, and the hotel owner milks cows every morning and receives more than 300 lambs at Easter time. A hotel where most of the food served has not been transported at all, and is produced by the people who run it. A hotel where food enthusiasm sticks so deep that one can say that we follow our food all the way from earth to table.

Thorbjørnrud Cheese Factory is part of the large local initiative Olav Lie-Nilsen has made around the food hotel Thorbjørnrud. In recent years, the traditional conference hotel has evolved into a renowned local food manufacturer, offering its guests local food, hotel brewed beer, cheeses made in their own cheese factory, inspirational food courses, presentations and guided tours.

For us in the cheese factory, being the supplier to the hotel restaurant at Thorbjørnrud is invaluable. We “dine” with our guests every single day and receive direct feedback on the cheeses we make, both from the guests and the chefs who use the cheeses in their cooking.







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